Erotic Art Festival invites artist to submit their work for the first Erotic Art Festival in London. This will be a 4 day art festival that will features hundreds of quality erotic works, in all the art forms.

Before submitting, read and understand the requirements for submission.
This is a Paid Submission process and the registration fee is £20 – this includes up to 5 submissions.

Date of the festival is 26 April to 29 April.

Submission – rules and guidelines PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:
  • Online Submissions ONLY.
  • Deadline for Submission: Thursday 1 March 2018
  • Notification of selected work by email: Monday March 12 2018.
  • Artists may submit up to 5 pieces of work.
  • Image files must be in jpg (jpeg).
  • File size requirments: 4MB maximum per image.
  • A single image is of each piece is required. If applying with 3D or dimensional work, editing multiple views together to comprise a single image is acceptable.
  • Deadline for Submission: Thursday 1 March, 2018, 11:59pm.
  • Online Submissions ONLY.
  • Taking photos of art in frames is not necessary, but acceptable.
  • All art must be for sale and priced by the artist. Erotic Art Festival charges a 35% commission on all sold work.
  • All entries received will be viewed and selected by a panel of jurists made up from the Erotic Art Festival organization.
  • Selected Work: The Jury process will begin following the deadline, If your work is selected, it must arrive presentation-ready (framed or with appropriate installation materials, etc.), consider those costs when pricing your work.
  • Deadline for Submission: Thursday 1 March, 2018, 11:59pm.
  • if accepted, shipping or delivery TO AND FROM the Exhibition, and the costs associated with it, are the responsibility of the Artist
  • The entry fee is not refundable.
  • This call for entries is competitive; entrants are not guaranteed inclusion in the exhibition by submitting an entry.
  • Depending on the number and the quality of the entries received, the work of an entrant may or may not be curated into the show. The selection of the juror is final.
  • Please send in the entry fee first (see the payment option at the bottom of the page), and then submit your images by e-mail to You may wish to use for larger file sizes not suitable for email delivery.
  • Indicate the theme of the exhibition in the subject line as follows:
    File names: lastname_title or lastname_title_number. File names of maximum 40 characters should only contain letters of the English alphabet and underscores. Titles may be shortened (please avoid very long file names), and they should be given without spaces in the file name. No spaces in the file names, please. (The image titled A Red Day by Henry Hole would have this file name: Hole_ARedDay.jpg; the third untitled image by Henry Hole: Hole_Untitled_3.jpg; the second photograph of the series “Tea Tree” by Zena Hole: Hole_TeaTree_2.jpg)
  • In the body of your submission e-mail please include
    a) your name;
    b) your city and country (with state abbreviation if USA);
    c) your website address (if you have one);
    d) the exhibition theme;
    e) titles of all included photos with the corresponding file names (in case of a series, please number the photos of the series, and indicate the title of the series, if it has one);
    f) the actual or desired print size (in centimetres) of each photograph.
  • All artist 18 years or older worldwide may enter the competition by submitting their own, original work.
  • Erotic Art London Festival welcomes submissions from and exhibit work of emerging and established photographers as well.
  • Art entered to this call do not have to be editioned. If accepted to the exhibition, it still remains the choice of the photographer to edition the work (e.g.: “ed. 10”) or to leave the work uneditioned (“open ed.”).
  • Collect all of your data and prepare images before submitting.
  • Submit the best images possible. Photos should be clear and accurately represent your submissions
  • Only submit work that falls within the size dimension guidelines; larger works must be pre-approved.
  • Make sure that your image files are in jpeg format and 4MB or less.
  • Double check your file titles. They should look like this: Lastname_Firstname_ArtTitle.jpg
  • When pricing your work, remember to include other costs, for framing and shipping, etc.
  • Artists are responsible for all shipping fees, both to and from the show.
  • Include all the requested information on the application. Double check your contact info – an incorrect email address will result in you not receiving any notifications.
  • Submit early to avoid last minute problems. This allows time to resolve any issues.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure your web browser is current and up-to-date.

Submission of entry in this competition automatically constitutes the entrant’s acceptance of all competition rules. This entry also gives the Erotic Art Festival the permission to use your artwork for marketing proposes. All accepted artist will be notified by email on Monday, March 12, 2018, The jury panel’s decision is final, no correspondence will entered into.

Erotic Art Festival will take every reasonable precaution assure protection of selected work, but will assume no responsibility for loss or damage from any cause – including the show, installing, shipping to and from

Erotic Art Festival reserves the right to withdraw work that quality is not reflect the images/video submitted, or if artist violates requirements (model release form/ID if need)
The Artist shall hold Erotic Art Festival harmless from and against any loss, expense, or damage occasioned by any claim, demand, suit, or recovery against Erotic Art Festival arising out of the exhibition and sale of the work, or for the use of the work by the Erotic Art Festival in the promotion and advertising of the exhibition.

Delivery or artwork:

Artists whose work is selected to be in the Erotic Art Festival will receive notification with instructions, dates and times for delivery or shipping to the Exhibition.