Victor Sanchez erotic art exhibition

We would like to congratulate Victor Sanchez as the winner of Erotic Art London 2018 with his painting “Cours De Langue”, translated in to English as “Language Courses”.

It was a difficult decision on whom the overall winner should be, since we had many very strong pieces to choose between. Ultimately, the jury agreed that Victor´s realistic acrylic painting of the couple with a “dominatrix” theme should win the prize of £1000.  Loving the red shoes!

With “Cours De Langue” and many of his other paintings on display at the event, Victor has shown that his technique is as strong as some of the more famous artists in the classical realism moment, like the Polish painter Jan Mateyko and the American painter Thomas Eakins. The artwork has an open storyline and it leaves the viewer to create their own story of what’s happening between the couple.  We can only imagine ?.  It is a timeless piece of art; a painting we think people will still love in 50-100 years.

We hope you all find it as inspirational as we do and we again like to congratulate Victor Sanchez as this year’s winner.

To view more of Victor´s work please visit:

We would also like to mention some artists who were very close to winning – it was very close actually!

Mary Webster – from the UK and a true inspiration.  Her cartoon scenes of penises and vaginas made everybody giggle – we hope to see more next year!

mary webster erotic art exhibition

Another runner up in EAL 2018 was Julian Day (UK).  We would like to commend Julian Day’s entries – such beautiful paintings and a totally unique style.  We had many comments from visitors on his work.

A snippet from his biography

“Completed a B.A in Fine Art at Central St Martin’s College, London, in 1992. I then spent several years in my studio making paintings and completing portrait commissions.

In 1997, as a finalist for the prestigious BP Portrait Award, chosen from thousands of candidates, my painting was exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery. Periodically, I paint West End theatre backdrops with the legendary Mr Andrew Greenfield. Shows that I’ve has painted for include ‘Grease’ and the ‘Royal Variety Shows’.

I paint with oils and glazes, using a brush, and then wiping the canvas with cloths and fingers to get the white of the primed canvas to come through, in order to create my trademark luminosity – never used white paint. The work is then varnished to enhance the brightness of the paint. The result is the incredibly life-like paintings so admired by collectors and commissioners.”

Read more here:

Julian Day erotic art exhibition London

Suzie Q, a French artist – her illustrations celebrate the woman, her sensuality and a certain retro atmosphere that is dear to her.  She mainly draws with felts.  You can see more here:

Suzie Q erotic art exhibition london

We will start the planning for next year’s festival in July 2018 and we hope to see you in May 2019 for another great event!