For the 2nd year running, Erotic Art London will exhibit hundreds of quality erotic artwork, in every imaginable media from all over the world at Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf, from 24th-27th October 2019. The exhibition has been built from a curated Open Call from over 500 submissions worldwide. Over 150 artists have been selected to the show their work and one artist will be selected as the winner and receive £500.
In addition to the art, there will be workshops / art classes, performances, presentations, music, food and drink and an erotic art market.


This will be a great way for the public to get to know what is happening in the world of erotic art, an art genre that has been followed with taboo for centuries and still is. We hope with hosting an event like this annually, we can help break down some of this taboo and opinions people have on this type of art work.


For 2019, we have specially invited guests including Stefan Dickers from the Bishopsgate Institute presenting leather and fetish archives, Ryan Martin Young from Nottingham Bodycasting offering a demo on bodycasting, Artmakessense is coming all the way from Holland to give their presentation on Instagram for (erotic) artists and John Button from Honest Erotica will present erotic illustrations through history. Stefan Prince will present Stories of O, art and artists inspired by O and Yak El-Droubie from Korero will hold a presentation on their erotic book publications.


We will hold x3 life drawing classes. X2 will be held by Simon Whittle who runs London’s largest life drawing classes. These are free to anyone entering the exhibition. The Neon Life Drawing class is a unique class using UV lights and paint. This class is an extra £15 to anyone visiting the exhibition.

Other workshops including glamour photography, bodycasting, kink / bondage for beginners (by Bondatrix).

EAL 2019 will also host guided art tours throughout the exhibition, taken by Jennifer Jigour, who regularly takes tours at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Jennifer will dress in costume and talk about the art exhibits and the artists.


In the evenings we will have performances from:

The international circus showgirl Charlie Bouquett will be with us each night, performing her dark and dangerous acts, together with Mouse (famous from The Box, Soho), Andromeda Circus, Marshall Arkely, Marnie Scarlett, Frankie Andrews and Vicky Butterfly.

Artists exhibiting from the open call:

A L Wilders,
Ainna Bosch Lianans,
Alan Smith,
Alfred Krupa,
Alysha Khan,
Amie N. Milton,
Andaleeb Lilley,
Anders Falkman,
Andre Scott Princes,
Angelica Marken,
Angie Gillman,
Anne Ruud-Olsen, Annette Jansen,
Ashley Farrell,
Ben Ireland,
Catherina Orian,
Charlie Caplan-Hill,
Christopher Grey,
Christopher Mooney,
Colin Beard,
Colin Fitzpatrick,
Colleen Smith,
Craig Hepworth,
Cristina Cerminara,
Damian wojcik,
Dan Younger,
Daniel Martinez,
David Wolstow,
Dasher Ayush,
Dave Hayden,
David Atkinson,
Dean Georige,
Deborah Miles-Williams,
Devora Rejwan,
Diunar Photography,
Edward Harris Allan Reed,
Elena Boix Curos,
Elena Novrozidou,
Emily Parker,
Emmanuel Perrin,
Eric Wallis,
Ewa Morawska,
Ewelina Kolakowska,
Geoff Owans,
George Haas Photography,
Gina McQuen,
Gregg Weissman,
Jessica Rosa,
Joe Richardson,
Joni Ahonen,
Joni Belaruski,
Joseph Godin,
Julia Olkhovaya,
Kathleen Fleischer,
Katie Rodin,
Hans-Peter Szameit,
Helen Roeten,
Henrjis Grabovskis,
Ian D Pope,
Inma GC,
Irena Anna Sowinska,
Irvine Arts,
Ivar Kijavin,
J C Gerard,
James F . Hampton,
James Nisbet,
Janine Roux,
Jean-Baptiste Laumond,
Jean-David Solon,
Jen Feagler,
Jennifer Jigour,
Jennifer Preseton Chushcoff,
Jeronimo Calvo,
Keith Mitchell,
Kevina Labonne,
Kirsetn Mohan,
L Simonson,
Lee Pickering,
Leon Pozniakow,
Lilith Rose,
Lily Sperring,
Lina Jang,
Lisiane Brunet,
Lorne Resnick,
Luci Phillips,
Marcus Vinicius Aloisio Viira,
Margarita Lazarova,
Marina Green,
Marta Jedinska,
Martin Allen,
Mary Anne Zammit,
mary Mccormack,
Megan Barrett,
Peter Shorney,
Pierre-Yves Clerson,
Rachel Lowes,
Ramune Saduauskiene,
Rhian Dixon,
Ricardo Sleiman,
Rigged Thread,
Rikard Hogberg,
Robert MacGillivray,
Robert Sutton,
Ross Robertson,
Rudy Ellis,
RV Bircham,
Samantha L. Pearson,
Melina Bomal,
Michael Budd,
Mike Rhys,
Michelle Longpre,
Miguel Ange Castrillo Fernandez,
Mirjam Torenbeen,
Mocioaca Carmen Alexandra,
Neena Kumar,
Nicholas Capps,
Nick Bennett,
Nicky Rosser,
Or Xeda,
Paul Veron,
Paul Wade Pickersgill,
Paulina Czochra,
Peccant Panda,
Peter Dálessandri,
Sanna Yli-Hietanen,
Sarah Reaney,
Sarey Ruden,
Scum Books,
Shahrad Malekfazeli,
Shaun Gilchrist,
Simeon Oliver,
Simon Whittle,
sofia zhanukovna rafailova,
Sofia Zuluaga,
Sonia Sawinska,
Stefan Lilley,
Stephanie Kamio,
Stephen Blair,
Stephen Prince,
Stuart Hall,
Tamara Buck,
Tessa Gray,
Tiffany Anton,
Toby Maynard,
Todd Reynolds,
Tonnii Visions,
Tracy Barnes,
Tu Huynh,
Vadim Koptievsky,
Ira Zybin,
Victor Everett,
Victor Sanchez,
Vytautas Kaunas,
William Welsh,
Zack Winfield




OXO Tower Wharf,

Bargehouse Street,

South Bank,

London SE1 9PH


Opening Hours:

Private view/ press

Thursday 24th October from 4pm (invite only)


Public Opening Hours

Thursday 24th October 5pm – 11pm

Friday 25th October 11am – 9pm

Saturday 26th October 11am – 9pm

Sunday 27th October 11am – 6pm


EAL is London’s fastest growing erotic art exhibition, and is undoubtedly an event people are going to be talking about!


For more information, please contact:


Espen Krukhaug / Zena Bratcher

Founder / Festival Director / Co-founder & Managing Director