EAL best of erotic art bookEAL best of erotic art book

EAL Best of Erotic Art – First Edition


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Our first edition book is finally here!

A collection of work by international erotic artists, all selected from an open call!

Hardcover – 51 different artists – 150 pages- 297x210mm (A4 Landscape)

Artists included in the book: William Wolak, Rory Midhani, Peter Shorney, Chris Francis, Helen Roeten, Simon Whittle, Victor Sanchez, Nick Bennett, Eowyn Ruud-Olsen, Rachel Lowes, Stephen Prince, Monsterbait, Nymphidia, Simon Fleeman, Shahrad Malekfazeli, Pierre-Yves Clerson, Elstabo Productions, Eloi Biosca, Manfred Holz, TrueFalse, Po Andersson Art and Photography, Dr. Tobias Kruppa, Petr Onius, Joe Popi, Mary Webster, Georgie Tease, Ryan Young, Julian Day, Guy UsinU, Geoff Owens, Paul Ashton, Jean-David Solon, Andrea Pozza, Raymond Smith, Josef Helmut Sagmeister, Jennifer Jigour, Ivar Kijavin, Vincent Legiec, Mike Rhys, Winkstyles, Studio Nudibranch, Vanessa Chyi, Simon Youngs, Catherine Orain, Elena Boix Curos, Naughty Walls, Ramune Sadauskiene, Paulina Czochra Photography, Amazilia Photography, Alfred Freddy Krupa, Roxanna Walker

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