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EAL Best of Erotic Art Second Edition


The second edition of Best of EAL is finally here!

Showcasing work hand-picked by jurors from an international call for art.

The book features 52 artists from around the globe, including Canada, USA, UK, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Lithuania, Australia, Finland, Belgium, Iran, Sweden, The Netherlands, India, Venezuela, Romania.

The book is finished to a high quality standard, A4 hardback.

This book is part of a collection with a new edition released each year.

It is the perfect place for like-minded artists to all share their incredible work!


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Artists in this edition are:

  • Amazilia Photography
  • Andrea Gomis
  • Andrea Pozza
  • Andreas Maria Kahn
  • Angie Gillman
  • Bish Bash Art
  • Bontes Divines
  • Eloi Biosca Frontera
  • Elstabo Productions
  • Erika Florizel Narhi-Martinez
  • Evangelina Silina
  • Gabriel Summers
  • Gander Photography
  • Geoff Owens
  • Gul Thakur
  • H.J. Beresford Art
  • Helen Egan
  • Helen Roeten
  • Henry Howe
  • Jayenne art
  • SF Pinups
  • Jennifer Jigour
  • Jesse Bouffard artiste
  • George Shmeykal
  • Jo Koss
  • Johnny Flamethrower
  • Joni Ahonen
  • Kerri Monica
  • Larry Stokes
  • Lorne Resnick
  • Marcia Shuyan Art
  • Miguel Angel Castrillo ( Sotoko )
  • Naughty Walls
  • Nizlyn
  • NEIL
  • Nick Bennett
  • Nymphidia
  • Pete Shorney
  • Po Andersson
  • SHYeomans
  • Shahrad Malekfazeli
  • Shelley Dyer-Gibbins
  • Simon Fleeman (SiSu)
  • Simon Whittle
  • Stephen Prince
  • Dr. Tobias Kruppa
  • Victor Sanchez
  • Vytautas Kaunas
  • Will Durocher
  • William Penkli
  • William Welsh
  • William Wolak